You don't have to sign on with a full-service PR firm to link with top tier media you can do it yourself! Through our live training sessions and expert guidance, The Publicity Results! training program teaches you how to leverage your knowledge to boost your media exposure. We guide you through the in's and out's of creating media lists specifically tailored to your media interests; teach you how to craft that perfect pitch; and really put the reigns in your hands allowing you to control your own PR destiny.

Founded by Drew Gerber and Michelle Tennant seasoned PR pros currently placing clients with top tier media every day Publicity Results! taps their brilliance to give you the power to leverage your knowledge to link with the media. Publicity Results! makes it so you're only a pitch away from landing an interview with a top tier national media outlet and boosting your media exposure.

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From the Desk of Drew Gerber:

Thanks for stopping by. If you're up to something new and unique and you're committed to making a difference, the world needs to know about you. Media coverage is the answer. But if you're reading this, chances are you already know how powerful a tool media coverage and publicity can be. Getting PR is simple, but there are a few fundamental things you must do to be successful. I'm committed to helping people just like you get the media's attention and grow your business through proven PR strategies but without the information overload. You'll get just the facts, so you can go right to producing the results.

I've designed this site so you can get right to the heart of what's stopping you from getting media coverage. Let's face it, not everyone who needs a little boost in publicity needs the same thing, or is even at the same stage in their knowledge and efforts. No matter where you are in your PR campaign whether you're just getting started with promoting yourself or you're a seasoned publicist running high profile media outreach for multiple clients there's something here for you. And whether you prefer to get what you need and get out or you like to stick around and look over as many resources as possible, I've got you covered.

So stay around. Feel free to peruse the site. If there's something you'd like to see that's missing, please let me know. And remember: It's not just who you know, it's who knows about you!

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Drew Gerber, CEO
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