You've got the goods.
So why aren't you getting the coverage?

We know why.
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To: Potential Media Sensations
From: Drew Gerber

RE: Your Partner in Getting the Media Coverage You Deserve

Dear PR Sensation,

Are you tired of mentally — and sometimes verbally — correcting the so-called experts you see in the media? Do you find yourself wondering why the media passed over your pitch and is talking to someone without the breadth and depth of knowledge you have? They're getting coverage and you're not — or at least you're not getting the kind of coverage you SHOULD BE GETTING — and you're baffled!

You've got something valuable to contribute. And you've got the goods to separate yourself from the pack. So why aren't you getting the media coverage you deserve?

Something's missing from your PR strategy. You can feel it, but you just can't put your finger on it.

PR is a race where you determine the distance to the finish line. It could be a marathon or a sprint, but the end result should be you standing on the podium, waiting for the gold medal to be placed around your neck.

You're not on the podium though. You may not have even started the race yet or you've been running in circles. It's time to get back on track. When the gun fires, you'll want to be in the race. You'll want to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. You'll want to cross the finish line.

You can do it. You have the goods.


Correcting the course of your PR strategy may be just a few changes away. Sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest difference.

The missing link may be your timing. Have you been focusing on Valentine's Day in February, while you should be pitching summer and back to school angles? This is a crucial, but common, mistake.
(Are you pitching Valentine's Day in February? When the flowers start blooming, you should be thinking about the holidays... Or take the fashion industry — while we are all bundled up they are working on the new swimsuit styles.)

Maybe the media are passing you by because your branding needs fine-tuning.

And I'll bet there are opportunities you're missing by just not being prepared.

….Or maybe you just don't have the goods — yet.

If you've found your way here to apply for membership in my program you probably don't need to KNOW more about PR. You just need to know HOW TO APPLY what you already know.

That's why I created the Publicity Results! Partnership Program. Through the program, you'll identify what's missing from your PR strategy, taking you from an unknown to a sought-after expert in the process. I'm doing it right now for my PR clients, landing them top-tier placements on shows like Oprah and Rachael Ray, and national magazines like Outside, Business Week, and O Magazine. You can have these results too.

We're your LINK to figuring out the "WHYs."

We're your LINK between knowing you've got what it takes to DOING something with it.


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Drew Gerber, CEO
Publicity Results!

Public Relations

You should be that expert getting coverage… Right?

No one likes to run alone. And just like a running partner, your PR partner will support you and, most importantly, motivate you to cross that finish line, no matter how far away it is.

But how do you find the right partner— one with right experience and connections?

The right PR partner helps you produce results — NOW, not "back in the day" when the PR game was played differently.

The right PR partner introduces you to cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking strategies that grab the media's attention.

The right PR partner links you to the media with precision timing… like pitching long-lead outlets before the deadline has closed.

The Publicity Results! Partnership Program is that partner. Let's face it, signing on with a full-service PR firm isn't for everyone. That's why I've created this partnership program that, at its very basis, provides the missing link, connecting you with the media. It offers a cost-effective platform for you to distinguish yourself from the pack — and from those "experts" you catch yourself shaking your head at.

It's all about USING the tools at your disposal to finish the race.

Just take a look at the difference a few small changes made for these PR sensations…

Branding & Messaging | Don Goewey
The power of PR lies in sharing your unique expertise, knowledge, and perspective to the media and its audience. When we took on stress elimination expert and Mystic Cool author
Don Goewey as a client, Mystic Cool was at 254,256 in the Amazon's rankings. After making key changes to his branding and messaging campaign, we were able to land a top tier media placement with outdoors magazine, Outside. His ranking jumped to 6,566 on Amazon — a phenomenal 247,690-point jump after just one placement in a national glossy magazine. Mystic Cool became the #1 book in its category, and Don saw a dramatic increase in sales. There was only one thing holding him back, and after identifying it we were able to link him with the media to astounding results.

Timing | Dr. Jill Murray
With a lot of our clients, like relationship expert Dr. Jill Murray
, it's all about timing. She had the unique expertise, the knowledge, and perspective ready, but the timing was never quite right for her to break out. When the Rhianna and Chris Brown fiasco came to surface we saw the perfect opportunity for our client to show her stuff. By taking advantage of a breaking news angle, Dr. Jill Murray landed Dr. Phil, and kept it going by landing other top tier media placements. Dr. Jill Murray's book ranking shot up to 16 on and 23 at Barnes & Noble the day after we landed her on Dr. Phil. She's now a go-to relationship expert for the media.

Media Placements Taking Action | Tracy Adler
When it came to Yum Yum Dishes
founder Tracy Adler, it was all about her taking action. She had the goods; she just had to do something with them. Tracy brought consistency and hard work to her PR campaign and produced amazing results — landing top tier media placements in magazines like Shape. And she didn't stop there. PR is an everyday thing for Tracy, and she utilizes it to take her to levels she couldn't have dreamed.

That's ALL… Just one simple thing between these experts and their ability to reach a larger audience… and make a difference for more people.

That could be you.
Or maybe it's more than that.
What we're offering is NOT a training program.

There are TONS of great training programs out there that can teach you the basics of PR if you need that. This is a program for those who practice BEING IN ACTION — for those who practice DOING what you've already learned about PR — through our training program, through someone else's training program, or through life's HARD KNOCKS while getting your own PR.

We'll be your partner in seeing you through the challenges and the victories of PR. What's more, you'll get an INSIDE LOOK at what our PR firm is doing — the strategies, the methods, and EVEN THE PITCHES.

Here's what you'll get if you qualify for our PR Partnership Program:
Publicity TipsMonthly Insider Videos
You can never know too much about PR… but you can get the basics anywhere. Remember, the right partner introduces cutting-edge technologies and uses forward-thinking strategies. Our publicists know the trends of the industry and every month we share essential insider secrets with you — the same ones we'll be using for our clients that month, so you know what you should be focusing on to achieve media coverage.
Media LeadsInsider Media Leads
Ever wonder how all those experts get coverage when you don't? A lot of it is TIMING — being in the right place at the right time. We get hundreds of leads each month from top national media that prefer to keep their story needs on the down-low. As your partner, we'll share those leads with you. Why? Well… because you've got the goods, of course.
press kitOnline PressKit 24/7 Technology
You'll get access to our cutting edge Online PressKit 24/7 technology so you can store your entire press kit online, resulting in more coverage for your book, product or service. 93% of journalists prefer to get their information online, and our technology features power-house Search Engine Optimization that cuts through the noise on the Internet and LINKS you to the media 24/7. With Online PressKit 24/7, you'll be listed at, a database of experts that gets up to 55,000 visits per month. You'll also be able to LINK your press kit inside of every pitch you send to journalists, INCLUDING YOUR PITCHES AT PITCHRATE. Never send a journalist an unwanted attachment again. C'mon, let's make the media's job easier — together.
Free PublicityA Community of PR Superstars
We can't teach you everything there is to know, but we do give you the opportunity to learn from our other members' successes. This is vital. Ask questions and learn from seasoned PR pros, then interact and share your experiences and successes. Let's face it — we're all in the PR game together, so why not learn from others just like you who are working to make a difference?
Free Media ListBONUS! Top National TV and Radio Media Contacts List
I'll give you a list of my PR firm's top media contacts! You'll get 50 top tier TV contacts and 100 top radio contacts immediately after joining the PR Partnership Program. With these lists, and our partnership, you'll have everything you need to get placed with the media!
PR tipsBONUS! Wasabi Publicity PR Cookbook
You'll get our training workbook designed and developed by my team of publicists that's used by other publicists, newcomers to PR, and companies who seek to promote themselves. Through powerfully simple exercises, the Wasabi Cookbook gives you the essential tools and walks you through the processes to put together an unmatchable communications package.
All for just $97/month!

This is an EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY for you to take the next step in media relations. But, because of my strong relationship with the media — the responsibility I have toward them — I can't accept people who don't have what it takes to become a PR star. The responsibility is essentially on you; we just provide the platform that will allow you to rise to success. Apply today and show us what you've got — and if you've got the goods, we'll begin the journey toward media stardom.

Are you ready to cross the finish line?

Meet your partners, first!

Publicity TrainingL. Drew Gerber is CEO of Blue Kangaroo, Inc. and Wasabi Publicity, Inc. Gerber co-created www.PitchRate, a free media tool that connects journalists and producers with the highest rated experts. Gerber's business practices and staffing innovations have been revered by PR Week, Good Morning America and the Christian Science Monitor. His companies handle international PR campaigns and his staff develops online press kits for authors, speakers and companies with PressKit 24/7, a technology he developed.
Media Training20 Year PR Veteran and co-owner of Wasabi Publicity and Blue Kangaroo, Michelle Tennant Nicholson's seen PR transition from typewriters to Twitter. Called a five star publicist by Good Morning America's Mable Chan, Michelle specializes in international PR working regularly with the likes of Oprah, Larry King Live, BBC, The Today Show and all major media. Recently she secured Dr. Phil for a client only 8 hours after signing the contract. Follow Michelle at her PR blog where she shares tips from her trade.

What People Are Saying!

"I have come to think of Wasabi Publicity as the Wizard of Oz: leanly and brilliantly staffed, they create a PR kingdom for you."
~Stacy DeBroff, MomCentral Founder.

"The Wasabi team are more than just publicists -- they become trusted advisors. I am impressed by their energy, responsiveness, integrity, and savvy."
~Anna Ivey, Admissions and Career Counselor

"Michelle's a great publicist. She knew what I needed before I even asked,"
~Brian Curtis, Anchor/Reporter, NBC Channel 5 KXAS Dallas-Fort Worth.

"Michelle Tennant is a five star publicist."
~Good Morning America Producer Mable Chan

Publicity is a powerful team of professionals who know WHO to call and HOW to pitch. The results I have seen are staggering."
~Arielle Ford

Take Action!

As a top expert in your field you have to position yourself to gain the media exposure you deserve. You've built your brand, you've committed yourself to it, but you can't stop there — you have to move forward. PR is all about progressing and taking that next step toward the finish line. Stagnation doesn't lend itself to success and you know it. Begin the race today — take the first step and apply. Show us what you got; in no time you'll be utilizing our support and motivation to boost your media exposure and cross that finish line.